Be a voice for MND in your community…

The Cure for MND Foundation has a bold and ambitious mission – A World Free From MND

You can play a direct part in helping us achieve this mission. You can help educate and influence others – from your personal social media network, to your local community, to your workplace or school, and all the way to the State and Federal governments. How will you help spread the word?

Social Media

The power of social media and the associated channels for helping spread awareness is enormous. You can harness this in your advocacy. Follow the Cure for MND Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (links on the bottom of this page). Share content, stories, and videos uploaded to this website and our social media channels with your own friends and family. Encourage them to do likewise to keep the message spreading.

Share Your MND Story

There is nothing more powerful than the human condition, and your personal story about your own journey with MND is one of the most powerful advocacy tools you have. By sharing your story with us and allowing the Foundation to use it in our communications with the public, you help us build and develop a powerful case for the importance of finding a cure for MND now.

Do you have a MND story that you’d like to tell? We would love to read it. Click here to submit your story

Contact Your Local MP

Your local MP play a significant role in advocating for the people in his or her electorate. Every letter you write, phone call you make, and email you send to your local MP to discuss MND and the urgent need for research funding into finding effective treatments. Contact your local MP and let them know why motor neurone disease is so important to you, and why it needs to be put on the agenda.

You can locate your local Federal MP and their contact details by clicking here

Key points to include in your discussions could include:

  • MND is a killer – it can affect anyone at anytime
  • Every day in Australia at least 2 people are diagnosed with MND and at least 2 people die because of MND
  • There is currently no effective treatment or cure
  • Average life expectancy following diagnosis is just 27 months in Australia
  • In 2015, the estimated total economic cost of MND on the Australian community was $2.37billion. With around 2000 people currently living with MND around Australia, this equates to $1.1million per person *

Source: Deloitte Access Economics report: Economic Analysis of MND in Australia 2015 report for Motor Neurone Disease Australia, Deloitte Access Economics, Canberra, November.

Tips to effectively communicate with your local MP include:

  • Be personal. There is nothing as powerful as your own story. Include in your communications why this cause is important to you and why you think it’s important that the government take notice.
  • Be polite and respectful
  • Include your contact details so they can correspond with you on any issues you raise
  • Hand sign letter
  • Be sure to follow up to make sure your voice is heard.

Call into local talkback radio programs

Talkback radio is a great forum to start conversations about MND and raise the profile of the disease amongst the community.

Here’s what to do once you’ve called in:

  1. Tell them that MND is one of Australia’s silent killers – claiming the life of 2 to 3 Australian’s everyday
  2. Tell them how MND has had an impact on your life.
  3. Mention the Cure for MND Foundation and our dedication to finding new treatments in the lab to bring to clinical trials for Australians currently living with MND.
  4. Talk about the importance of the role the Federal Government can take to fund research and provide better care and support for MND patients.
  5. Ask people to help by visiting and joining the campaign.

Here are contact details for talkback radio stations:


3AW Open Line: 03 96 900 693 or Outside Melbourne Open Line: 131332
More at
Neil Mitchell is on air from 8.30am to midday
Denis Walter is on air from 12-4

774 ABC Call 1300 222 774 or via email at


2GB Open Line – Within NSW: 131 873 (Local Call) more at
Ray Hadley is on air from 9am to midday
Chris Smith is on air from 12-3pm

702 ABC Call 1300 222 702 or via email at


4BC Talkback Line – 13 13 32 or 07 3908 8800 (if calling outside of Brisbane)
Greg Cary is on air from 9am to midday
Gary Hardgrave is on air from 3pm to 6pm

612 ABC Call 1300 222 612 or via email at


5AA Call 8223 0000 or via email [email protected]
Leon Byner is on air from 9am to1pm
Belinda Heggen is on air from 1pm to 4pm

891 ABC 1300 222 891 or via email at


6PR Talkback Line – (08) 9221 1882
Paul Murray is on air from 8:30am to 12pm
Tony McManus is on air from 12pm to 3pm


7HO Phone: (03) 6216 1000

936 ABC 1300 222 936 or via email at

You can find your local ABC radio station here

Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper

Letters to the editor are a great way to put attention on an issue, and a fantastic way by which you can advocate for MND.

You can find the address for letters to the editor of your local or metropolitan newspaper on their websites. We have also included mnay links to the larger newspapers below.

How to get your letter in the paper:

  1. Include your story – Tell them who you are and why you care about MND. A human angle will make the letter more powerful
  2. Why MND is important – Include the fact that everyday in Australia at least 2 people are diagonosed with MND, and at least 2 people die because of MND. A deadly revolving door.
  3. Tell them about the Cure for MND Foundation.
  4. Keep it short – Often newspapers don’t leave much space for letters, so it’s best to keep yours to no more than 200-300 words.
  5. Include your contact details – Most newspapers require your name, email address, postal address and daytime phone number. This is so they can verify who the letter is from, this information will not be published.
Let us know that you’ve sent it– It helps us greatly if we know how many people have written to their local newspaper. If you’re sending an email, please cc [email protected] If you’re sending a letter, please also forward a copy to:
Cure for MND Foundation

PO Box 1159
Robinson VIC 3019

If your letter gets published, we’d love to see a copy of that as well!

Here are contact details for the letters pages of major Australian newspapers:

The Australian – [email protected]

Sydney Morning Herald – [email protected]
Daily Telegraph –

The Age –
Herald Sun –

Courier Mail –

Adelaide Advertiser –

The West Australian – [email protected]

The Mercury –

Northern Territory News –

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