Workplace Giving

How it works and how to set it up…

There Are Benefits All-Round To Setting Up Workplace Giving

For Your Employees

  • Improve Employee Morale: working for a company that gives their employees a chance to make a real difference for a cause that is close to their hearts and that they really care about makes them feel good about themselves, their colleagues, and the company.
  • Involvement: workplace giving is a easy way to bring the company and the employees together in the pursuit of a common goal
  • Ease: because donations are made through the companies payroll, employees don’t need to do anything, and because it’s pre-tax, there is an automatic tax saving.

For Your Company

  • Public Commitment: your involvement with the Cure For MND Foundation demonstrates your social responsibility to not only your employees, but to the community at large.
  • Brand Enhancement: by aligning yourselves with the Cure for MND Foundation, your brand is more appealing and automatically enhanced
  • Good Morale is Good For Business: when you and your employees are helping make a real difference to helping find a cure to MND, everybody wins and productivity increases.

For the Cure For MND Foundation

  • Awareness: by promoting our cause amongst your employees, information about MND can be spread, further engaging a new audience on our mission
  • Stable Funding: workplace giving allows for long term, stable funding for our core programs and awareness campaigns

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If you have any enquiries please¬†contact our Fundraising Coordinator Anna at [email protected]

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